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A Closer Look At Down-to-earth Secrets In Divorce Mediator

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It’s like we’re fighting a 10-headed monster.” “It’s The Truman Show or Big Brother starring Donald Trump,” Pink laments. “We need to stop acting like Cain and Abel. This is America; we need both sides to work together to make this the shitty place that it is.” Don’t be concerned; this is the furthest thing from an Ariel Pink political album. Instead, he’s composed a tribute to the late Bobby Jameson, a Sunset Strip ’60s singer-songwriter expected to be one of the greatest stars of the Aquarian Age, but whose career dissolved in a EdmontonDivorceMediation haze of drug abuse, management and label swindles and depression. A Zelig-like figure who collaborated with The Rolling Stones, Crazy Horse and Frank Zappa, Jameson eventually disappeared into the ether until his music was slowly rediscovered in the early ’00s. Until his death in 2015, Jameson kept a blog that functioned as both autobiography and a soapbox to castigate the inequities of the music business. “It’s so well-written and vast that I got completely engrossed in it,” Pink says. “His music was OK, but it’s about his voice as a writer. It resonates with me in so many ways, from the planned obsolescence of the industry, the pathos, his different aliases, and the audience’s inability to never see the thread running through them.” It’s easy to understand the kinship between Pink and Jameson. The former figured he’d languish in lo-fi record-store obscurity until being anointed as one of the most important musicians of his generation.

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